Meredith Baxter announces she is a lesbian
Famed actress Meredith Baxter went on morning television to reveal the big secret that she is a lesbian. And not just any kind of lesbian, one that found out “later-in-life”. Best known for playing hippie mom Elyse Keaton on the 1980s sitcom “Family Ties,” Meredith Baxter announced that she’s a lesbian and has been keeping her sexual preference a secret for 7 years.

“I guess I wanted to… say that I’m a lesbian,” Meredith revealed on the Today Show morning program. “It was a later-in-life recognition of that fact.”

Yep, Meredith Baxter is Gay….

Meredith, 62, has been living life as a lesbian for 7 years and revealed to Matt Lauer that she has been involved in a relationship for 4 years with contractor Nancy Locke. This was not her first same-sex relationship, it was only after becoming involved with another woman that Meredith realized why her 3 marriages to men didn’t last.

Kelli McGillis announces that she is a lesbianThat’s right, Meredith Baxter has been married 3 times and has 5 kids… You may remember earlier this year when “Top Gun” 1980′s movie star, Kelli McGillis confirmed that she is a lesbian. And after being married twice and having 2 children, stated that she was “done with the man thing”.

Late-In-Life Lesbian Movement?

Meredith Baxter and Kelli McGillis are the recognizable faces to this phenomenon of women who discover later in age that they are in face attracted to the opposite sex. Crazy isn’t it? Or is it? Look at Cynthia Nixon (Miranda Hobbes of Sex and the City fame). She was in a serious relationship for 15 years and had 2 children with a man, when she stunned fans and hooked up with Christine Marinoni, an education activist. They are now engaged to be married.

Cynthia Nixon lesbianI for one, am a little saddened by the whole thing. I mean what is it like to deny what you are for most of your life and finally be true to yourself  after all this time? I’ve always been a firm believer in the “life is short” mantra. Be who you are, and damn the “haters”. But I guess for the older women like Meredith Baxter, Kelli McGillis and Cynthia Nixon, it was a different time. Society was not as accepting as they are today (not that we’re all that accepting in comparison to other countries). I wish Meredith Baxter all the best and I hope this announcement was not only freeing for her, but went a long way in encouraging others to be true to themselves. :)

Donny Osmond Dancing with The Stars WinOkay, am I the only one who thought Mya was going to go all the way in the Dancing with the Stars finale? She was the only consistently GOOD dancer who always managed to score phenomenally. Yet somehow, Donny Osmond managed to snag this year’s trophy from her.

Let’s forget that Mya is a trained dancer and singer (which is sorta cheating in my book) for a second. I do think she should have won purely on talent alone, but Dancing with the Stars is NOT about talent – it’s about popularity. Yes I know these are B-list and C-list stars we are talking about, but that is still a factor. Donny Osmond, star of the 70′s and some would say 80′s has been on and off television for decades with his sister Marie (who finished 3rd on Dancing with the Stars 2 years ago) is obviously the more popular star.

Mya has had a string of hits since the late 90′s early 00′s, but hasn’t really had a hit album since 2003. Her last album Liberation and Sugar & Spice was released in Japan. So becoming a Dancing with the Stars Alum was definitely a good move for her.  If she’s smart, she will drop a single in the next couple of weeks or so to capitalize on this latest wave of fame (hint, hint).

Mya, Dancing with the StarsDon’t get me wrong, I am happy for Donny Osmond. He seems to be a very cool and genuinely nice guy. And TV is definitely lacking that wholesome appeal, so kudos to Dancing with the Stars. Honorable mention to miss Kelly Osborne who I couldn’t stand until this show.  The foul-mouthed , bad tempered daughter of legendary rocker Ozzie really came into her own this season. She was pleasant, polite, sweet and oddly endearing. Not to mention she danced really well.

I’m so amazed by the turnout this season, that I may just tune in for March’s next batch of Dancing with the Stars candidates. A suggestion for the show… John and Kate Gosselin. If ABC can pull that off, they will have the most highly rated show for the 2009-2010 season! Fat chance right? LOL

Oprah quitting show
Say it ain’t so! After more than 20 years on television, my hero Oprah Winfrey is shutting down the Oprah Winfrey Show. She made the official announcement today, that she will be ending her run in September of 2011. Why the madness? Because it’s time. 25 (which is how many seasons the show will have been on by September 2011) is a good number and she wants to roll out while the gettings good.

I have to admit, I have mixed emotions about this. On one hand Oprah is one of the most influential women on the planet. She’s done a lot of good with her money and the program – a talk show that still managed to maintain its integrity and remain above the shock tactics and mud slinging that other daytime talk shows have resorted to. On the other hand, 25 years is a long time, and maybe she’s just tired. I personally respect her for going out on her own terms. Just like Ray Romano and Jerry Seinfeld did. So go ahead girl!

I don’t know about you but I am DYING to find out who will be her last guest… And I have to fly out to Chicago at some point to catch a show! You know she’ll be giving kick-ass gifts out to the audience.

So…. it’s nearly the end of 2009, and we’re on what? Our 3rd celebrity Photoshop controversy? We know what happened with Kelly Clarkson on the cover of SELF Magazine, back in August. Well now it’s Demi Moore’s turn.

This month’s issue of W Magazine has the age-defying actress looking slim and trim in a cute Xenaesque outfit. Only one problem… it’s seems a chunk of her left hip is missing. What’s going on with the graphics department at W Magazine, it’s so obvious and so NOT a complex edit either. Now usually celebrities either stay quiet or become “outraged” at the fact that they’ve been trimmed down. I think I would be too. I mean how is that keeping it real and more importantly, what does it say to young impressionable girls who think “thin is in”?

I think this is an extremely scary thing for big Magazine publishers to do. You’re promoting a horrible practice what will negatively impact millions of girls… SHAME ON YOU!

What Does Demi Moore Think About the Photoshop Controversy?

Well she completely denies it of course. In fact she’s downright angry about it. “Don’t let these people B——- You!” on her Twitter. The embattled star claims the photo is the original, un-retouched image. Anthony Citrano the photographer who originally put Demi Moore and W Magazine on blast, is willing to bet $5,000 that she is wrong or…lying.

Wait! There is more. Annoying right? Now people are wondering if that’s even her body at all! They’re saying that it could be catwalk model Anja Rubik. Juicy!

So you tell me… Below is the Demi moore picture here with a side by side shot of the “funky hip”

Demi Moore Photoshop Controversy
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