About RandomAuthority.com' the random blogging site

Welcome to RandomAuthority.com! This is your online source for random blogging on current events. In case you haven’t noticed this is a blog. My goal is to make it the mother of all blogs. You name it, I’ll write about it.

Why the name Random Authority for blogging?

Look, I’m hardly an expert at the world, but what I love about the web is that there are so many outlets for everyone to make their voices heard (or in the case of blogging… our words read). So yes, I have dubbed myself an authority to blog about anything – it doesn’t matter how random the subject may be; hence the name of this site.

Some things I may be blogging about:

My Spiritual/Physical Journey:
I love God. That is no secret. Before you close your browser window… I will NOT be cramming Christianity down your throats; I will be blogging about my spiritual journey my successes and mistakes. My ongoing journey to better myself… soul, mind and body. I will also be blogging about getting fit through hard core workouts (Go Slim In 6!) and Yoga.

My Natural Hair Journey:
In 2004 I decided to get off my chemical dependency on hair straighteners and go natural. That meant starting completely from scratch. After a year of hiding my hair under weaves and wigs, I finally made the big chop (which left me with about 6 inches of hair). I wish that blogging had been more popular or I had been less ignorant about the power of blogging. It was a long and painful year for me. Bad break-up, college drama, looking for a full-time position as a recent college graduate and dealing with this alien hair texture on my head (lol). Read more…

Online Marketing:
From reading this blog, you will soon learn that this is MY LIFE! I love the web, everything about it. online advertisement, SEO, PPC, writing content, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace (yes even MySpace), online magazines and the list goes on and on. I will be blogging about new projects my successes and failures in my quest to increase web presence and sales for clients and organizations. You read correctly… clients. Not only do I do online marketing full-time, but also do consulting and freelance as well. Learn more…

That’s just only a few of the subjects I will be blogging about in the coming days, hopefully months and ideally years. Stay tuned and continue to visit RandomAuthority.com for updates.