About a year ago, I started taking a good look at myself and realized it was time for me to do more. Now before anyone jumps to any conclusions, I haven’t stolen, cheated anyone or plotted someone’s downfall (lol). Most people who know me think I’m pretty nice. I have good friends and family and I donate money here and there, but so what?Volunteer opportunties, volunteering

Do more with your spare time and start volunteering

I started to open my mind to the fact that I could do more. By doing more I mean volunteering. So I went online and did the research and saw that there are tons of volunteer opportunities in your area, you just have to open your eyes and do the work. No matter what party affiliation you are, you have to admit that Barack Obama’s messages on volunteering in your community are very inspiring. And it doesn’t take much to do. All these organizations need is your time.

Volunteering doesn’t mean breaking your back

So the first thing I want to note that I found in my research was that it doesn’t have to be hard-core physical labor. You can sort clothes, feed the homeless, volunteer to work the sidelines at walk-a-thons and marathons.

The next thing I found was that there are so many volunteer opportunities in a variety of industries. If you love kids, do your volunteering at schools and after school programs. If your focus is cancer or AIDS awareness, there are plenty of volunteer opportunities in that arena. Have a soft spot for the elderly? Well there are plenty of retirement centers / facilities that would welcome your help.
Volunteer opportunties, volunteering

Volunteer organizations need your professional skills

What’s really cool is that you can use your professional talents in volunteering. Volunteer organizations are always looking for receptionists to do clerical work, contractors to help with big projects or even marketing professionals to help with event coordination.

Don’t let what you perceive to be a limitation stop you from volunteering. And follow me as I go through my own journey in volunteering. I start my first project tomorrow :) .

Find volunteer organizations in your area today:

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